New Year, New Us!

1804 is ready for a new year!

There is always excitement during a new academic year, but how could there not be! It really is fun to turn a new leaf and set new year goals! We are aiming to create a more engaging society this year here at Emmanuel College. We still are working to continue the mission of Emmanuel College and the Sisters of Notre Dame. We are all still passionate about our work that is deeply rooted in social justice, service, and peace for all. Although, we are working on new events, new tactics, and new ways to reach outside the Emmanuel community so we can spread our missions further! To start this new leaf off, we have created this space to reach out to anyone willing to read. You’ll get the weekly update from our Director of Event Management and Marketing Communications ( That’s ME 🙂 ) and get all the get insight into what we are up to!

As of now, recruitment is in full swing! We have seen so many bright and engaging faces, all of which have a passion for 1804! We are excited to select new member and continue the legacy that was created by St. Julie Billiart!