And We’re off to Work!

Interviews to welcome in new members start this week! It is an exciting time not only for us in the 1804 Society, but the campus as a whole. All of our clubs and organizations are growing and expanding, which really contributes to our Emmanuel College community.

As much as we are excited about growing as an organization, there are also a lot of great things happening with our current members! Seniors are beginning the planning stages of their Senior Projects! Our goal with this is to help the Sisters of Notre Dame abroad, build community on the Emmanuel College campus within the ideas of our missions, and raise awareness of our mission among the students. As Billy Mays would say,  “it doesn’t stop there!” 🙂 Our members who are sophomores and juniors are starting to go off into the city and begin their service work. This really is our strongest link to living out and spreading the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Members are going out and creating relationships, community, and lending a hand where it is needed all over the City of Boston and at some Sister of Notre Dame sites, like the Notre Dame Education Center and Julies Family Learning Program.

We are still off to a great year and we all can’t wait to welcome in new members who are as passionate about spreading the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame as we are!


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