Welcome Cohort 5

This week we welcomed in a new batch of 1804 members. As a society we are all excited to see the society grow and have meet people with the same passions. Check out our social media pages to see a little more on who this new members are
It was a big weekend on Emmanuel’s campus for the 1804 Society. It was Family Weekend! Not only is this a wonderful weekend to show our loved ones the Emmanuel Community that we have grown to love, it also is a time for some major tradition. Tradition is one of the values of the 1804 Society, so you can only imagine the pride that we take in this weekend! As ambassadors of the college we are called to help assist in this eventful weekend in any way possible. We are some of the first faces that families see when they drive into campus and we cannot wait to spread the Emmanuel Community feel! This weekend contained two of our favorite traditions, Senior Cap and Gown and Junior Ring and Tassel. Both of these ceremonies commemorate the journey that our student have left here at Emmanuel College. It was heartwarming to see our own upperclassman society members take place in both of these.
As we commemorate upperclassman, new members, and festive fall weather, we as an organization are always eager to help and excited to see what comes next!

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