Fall Fun

We got to experience one of our favorite events a about a week ago, Ministry in Action: Supper with the Sisters and Lay Colleagues. It was amazing to hear from Sr. Maria Delaney, SND. She has done a great amount of amazing work all across the globe. In addition to experiencing all of the events that we only hear about in books! One of the stories that stories that stood out the most was when she told her story of Sr. Dorothy Stang. We have learned so much about her work as a Society and it was especially interesting to hear a perspective of someone who experienced that area just days after her death. Not only was it enlightening to hear about her experience, but it is also gave reassurance to our mission. Every time we as a society hear about the sisters and what they are doing, we are inspired to reaffirm our commitment to continue their mission.

Not only did we gain some insight to the Sisters, but we also celebrated the growth of our 1804 Families through our mentor-mentee reveal. We held a fall fest party filled with baked goods, salsa, and amazing conversation. The purpose of this mentorship program is to help guide our new members and answer any questions they may have. While these individuals serve the purpose as a their guide through the program, they also turn into an upperclassman friend for these new members. This truly is a defining moment. It is the time that they realize their place within the society and consider its members family. Creating this sense of community truly is something we take pride in most within our organization.


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